Emotional Alignment


This is an in person service.  We will allow for deep emotional release.  Be held, witnessed, and energetically supported during this session.  Duration: 90-120 minutes



Have you been carrying emotional weight or baggage? Do you need to release it without commentary, analysis, or someone trying to fix it?  I believe you are whole and complete exactly as you are.  We all have emotional trauma that we carry, and at one point it was there protect us and literally keep us alive.  When the energy of the trauma is complete or we become aware that certain patterns are repeating in our life that are no longer serving us, it is time to release these energies.  I offer a safe, grounded space for you to be fully witnessed in your expression. Through this expression, I move and shift the energy around your physical and etheric bodies in support of your release.  It is not necessary to dwell in the release, so we will work together to move through the emotion.  Feel the release, expansion, and freedom of letting go.  If you have further questions or a special situation, please contact me to discuss.  This service is best supported by an Energetic Reset within 4 to 8 weeks of this initial Emotional Alignment.

What you will receive:

  • A custom crystal grid photo to support you through the integration phase
  • 3 Card Oracle Reading to support the energy surrounding the emotional alignment
  • Reiki-infused energy healing
  • Sound Healing – Light Language and Vocal Toning
  • 10 ml roller of an Essential Oil Blend to help continue the release and alignment


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