Shamanic Journey


In person only.  This session will be intuitively guided. Duration: 90 minutes


Are you in need of answers? Do you need to release a person, place, or situation? Are you seeking to change your habits or release an addiction?  By using the power of shamanic journeying, we will quest together to gain answers from your higher self and spirit team.  A pre-session interview will allow me to tune-in to your energy. I will pull oracle cards to help us gain clarity, and then I will intuitively guide you through spoken/guided meditation and energy healing.  You will follow my voice for the entire journey, gaining insight from the spirit guides and your higher self.  This session includes a custom crystal grid healing portal placed beneath the table, a 3 card Oracle Reading, shamanic journey with energy healing.

What you will receive from this session:

  • A photo of your custom crystal grid
  • 3 Card Oracle Reading
  • Shamanic Journey


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