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~You are your own greatest healer.~

Aloha & Welcome,

I AM Andara.  I am so happy you are here! It is never a mistake when we find our way to certain people, places, and things; it is the synchronous magic of the Universe showing us our next step.

The world is shifting; Earth is changing. We, as humans, are changing along with her.  You may feel this as a deep inner-knowing. What do you do with this? How do you navigate it?  More importantly, what is needed most for you right now to feel empowered, loved, and in complete trust of yourself?

I offer a portal of healing, one that acknowledges you are whole and complete, exactly as you are.  

In this space, however, we also recognize parts of ourselves have been hidden to protect us, forgotten because they seemed like childish dreams, and other parts of our energetic field are extended far outside of our bodies.  

We may be ungrounded, floating in a realm of emotional waves while being pushed and pulled by what others have decided we are.  We may feel complete with the life we are living and a deep yearning for something more meaningful.  

I offer you a doorway into a deeper, tender, and more connected version of yourself. I AM a wayshower. Through a process, we lead all parts of you back home to yourself, unifying your energy field, concentrating your potential, into the wholeness of who you truly are, at a soul level and then we integrate that wholeness of spirit into the body.

In these ascension energies of this New Earth portal, I am here to shift paradigms and birth new realities related to what it means to be human and spirit, unified in the oneness of love.  I activate and align your personal authority with unconditional love, in alignment with your divine, sovereign Be-ingness.

Are you willing and ready to begin the journey back to yourself?  You just might be . . . afterall, how did you find yourself here?

Let’s begin!



Starseed Notes:

RH Negative (O- blood type) Sirian Origin

Known to Channel Light Codes from the Great Central Sun (Sirius A)

Virgo Sun, Cancer Rising, Leo Moon

I love when Mercury is Retrograde; I am empowered in retrograde cycles.

Usui Reiki Master

Crystal Grid Keeper/Worker

Excessive Love of Crystal Beings, books, and oracle card decks

Obsessed with photographing the sun and clouds.

I believe in Star Beings/Councils and Star Ships!

Mother of 8 Animals (2 dogs, 6 cats)

Married to my Spirit Mate, Michael, since 2007

Living my best life, a Hawaii Life, on Moku Kiawe (The Big Island of Hawaii) & deeply moved by the energies that exist here.

Jumping head first into awakening, ascension, and midwifing new paradigms into this dimension of reality.

Andara Plavi, Owner

Crystal Grid, Healing Portal

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