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Energy Sessions

Andara Hawaii, LLC offers a variety of energy sessions to assist us as spirit beings on this human journey.  Andara recognizes that we each have had unique experiences that have lead us to this now moment. It is no concidence that you are here, and we are happy to have you.  


Our energy sessions are grounded in a beautiful healing space, in a quiet setting just one block from Honl’s Beach.  We believe in creating a sacred container and maintaining that space and all of our client’s confidentiality.


Energy work is safe and effective.  You must be open to receive the Life Force Energy of the Universe and surrender to the healing it brings for you. Energy cannot hurt you.  Each session may be different, as we understand we are ever evolving creatures.  Andara tunes in to your energy field, and allows the co-creative force of our higher selves to guide and lead the session to be absolutely what is needed most in this now.


We look forward to meeting you soon.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Andara for a custom session.

Essential Support

Essential Oils offer a great way for the physical and energetic bodies to activate, integrate, and achieve balance through these energetic times. Most essential oil blends are made to order unless we specifically stocked a current promotional batch. We believe in providing the highest vibrational, ethically sourced essential oils and carrier oils.  Because these are made to order, it may take a few days to ship them out to you. Please have patience and know that love, reiki, and sound vibration are being infused into your blend. For custom blends or special requests, please contact Andara.


Energy Art is art intuitively downloaded by Andara, manifested into this 3D realm, and shared with you to activate various aspects of your awakening journey.


Beacons of Light Energy Bundles are intuitively selected crystals grouped based upon energetic vibration, frequency, and intention.  Andara believes in providing these crystalline Earth Beings to help clear blocks, raise your frequency and vibration, and increase harmony in your life.


Special Events

Andara Hawaii, LLC hosts special events through Innovative Art Series and Soulscapes Writing & Events.  These events may be hosted by Andara Plavi or co-hosted with other creative individuals for the ultimate experience in personal exploration and soul-full expression.  


Please see our current event offerings below.

Self-Love Exhange $80

join us!

Join Piper Selden and Andara Plavi for an all day event, Saturday November 9th, 2019 from 10am to 6pm — Soulscapes presents: Occupying the Heart – Holiday Self-Love Practice, Writing, Breathwork, and Movement Journey.

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