Activate. Integrate. Align.

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Our greatest empowerment as spirit beings on this human journey is the decision and choice to heal ourselves.

Dear Soul,

Welcome to 2021!  As we all take a momentary collective breath with a giant sighing exhale, I am here to remind us that this is just the beginning. We have just entered a new age – The Age of Aquarius. This means change, liberation, and a surge of new creative energy to allow us the imagination and inspiration, the desire and the dream to create new systems, beliefs, patterns, and programs that replace the old way (read: back to ‘normal’) of doing and Be-ing in this world.

We all received a very unhealthy dose of fear, darkness, polarity, inequality, and fill in the blank with the rest in 2020. This was very much on purpose to show us how we were turning a blind eye to things that are not working in our collective co-creative existence. Do we really want to go back to being numb to what is showing up to be re-visioned? If you said yes to this, you probably want to go ahead and close this window, move on to another website . . . let’s just bless each other and go our separate ways. If you said an emphatic NO and you believe that you’re here on purpose to create new paradigms for ourselves and humanity – you are in the right spot!

2021 is that first light of the sun beginning to peak out along the edge of the moon’s shadow during a total solar eclipse. The first rays of a new dawn of creation. The very creation where YOU claim your divinity as a co-creator with Source Energy.  This is the energy of new, creative, pioneering, exploratory, liberating flow, and this my dear Soul, is exactly what we came here to do.  We are here to lay the foundation for these new paradigms our children are coming to build upon.  This is our work on the planet in this NOW-time.

What energies are we releasing in order to birth this new age? To name a few: fear, persecution, inequality, hatred, separation, judgement, superiority . . . Do you see these for what they are?  Aspects of our wounded divine energies playing out of concert?  It is time to heal ourselves, realign our energies to be comfortable in a space of expansion, spaciousness, and support.  We are here to transmute these darker energies into LOVE.

Love is liberation from Fear.

My work is calling me deeper into our activation – an activation of liberation from fear. An embodiment and integration of a higher, purer aspect of ourselves through our light bodies in this NOW-time.

If you are being called to show up truer to your purpose, to release the fears and all the external judgments, to ultimately ignite change in your life and inspire others around you to do the same, I invite you to contact me.

You must commit to the work; I am just a conduit for you to activate your gifts.  Let us co-create together to amplify and accelerate your personal author-ity in this life, so that you may continue to live truer to your soul purpose than ever before!

Activate. Integrate. Align.

Blessings, dear Soul. I see You.  Be still in 2021 and bare witness to the cosmic winds of change; it is bound to blow our hearts and minds.




Activate your inherent gifts.  Activate your voice.  Activate your Truth.

Atune to your value and worth.  Be empowered.

Activating Your Light

Activating Your Light is the willingness and the desire on a soul-level to connect in with this world with deep integrity and authenticity.  This is often easier said than done in today’s world.

I invite you in, to give yourself permission, to explore the breadth and depth of who you are.  What gifts do you have that you have been shy to share?  What passions do you have that were put off because of career?  What lights you up, but you don’t see it as a career because you were always told it was a hobby?

In this now, your gifts are needed.  The energy on the planet is demanding that we step into and acknowledge ourselves, our uniqueness, and our Truth.  Have you felt your heart truth before?  The deep knowing in the marrow of your bones that something is so resonant for you that it is a full-bodied YES!

We are being called to activate that heart truth. We are being called to connect in with the divine feminine energy we have suppressed, and to heal both the divine masculine and feminine energies by returning to Love.

We return to Love by first beginning to learn to love ourselves.  We can no longer abandon ourselves to fit in, to play at status quo, and to just exist.  Oh no, Dear Soul,  you are here very much on purpose, and I am excited to be part of your activation journey!


Listen, feel, and honor the physical and energetic bodies.

Surrender. Trust. Allow.


Integrate the Upgrades

Earth is hurtling through the photon belt, and Solaris is upgrading and sending light codes via solar storms.  The Schumann Resonance is spiking, earth magnetics are shifting, and earthquakes are happening!

These are exciting times to be incarnated on Earth, and our bodies – the physical and etheric bodies – that create our Merkaba (light body) are feeling the shifts.

We are being called to deeply listen to our body energy messages, and to support ourselves in what is coming through.  It is critical that we allow for the integration and assimilation of all this new, expansive energy.

Now is the time to honor yourself. It is time to shift out of the guilt and shame surrounding rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation.  We are learning that our cups truly have to be full in order to be productive and to give to those we love.

Join me for a restorative Energy Reset. Give your body the gift of deep yogic sleep while your field is upgraded, activated, renewed, and cleared for your next phase of energetic upgrades. 

Settle the mind, gain clarity on the next step, and leave with clarity and purpose.



Align with your highest destiny. Align with the energy that is most supportive to you now.

Align with your soul and higher self to manifest your purpose and mission on Earth now.

It is time to bring the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of ourselves into alignment to allow for the growth and expansion we are embodying.

Come Into Alignment

Do you feel as though you have spent enough of your life living out of alignment with your purpose? 

Are you feeling the pull to do something that lights you up and makes your heart beat faster?

You’re not alone! We’re being called into our power in this moment, and we are being asked to TRUST ourselves, to SURRENDER to spirit, and ALLOW the messages to come through.  Is life quiet enough for you to hear the messages?

Trust. Surrender. Allow.

Journey with me in a shamanic session to find clarity and purpose.  Journey to activate the soul gifts that are ready to move forward into the world now. Journey to call peices and parts of yourself that are extended so far out back to you.

Return to the knowing that you are Love.  You are one with All.  You are Divine.  In this space, reclaim your sovereignty, regardless of age.  We are all needed now.

Work With Me

Whether you want to energetically reset your energy or you want to work more deeply one-on-one as you walk your journey of awakening, I am here for you.  I offer standard energy sessions, and I can also work with you directly to develop a custom support package that offers you guidance, support, energy work, and a tool box of practical wisdom and experience from my own awakening process. This is an individual journey, and I am merely a wayshower. You will have the opportunity to chart your course and fulfill your destiny.  For custom services please contact me via phone or email.

|808.214.9402  |


For energy sessions in person or remote, please see

Energy Sessions

Holding Space

I am a container for your energy and emotional alignment. I am a channel for your soul messages. I am a conduit of the highest love and light, allowing ease and flow with the alchemy of transformation and transmutation in this present moment.

Be nurtured, supported, transported, and restored.

Align with the energy of your highest destiny in this now moment.

Happy Clients

“Prior to working with Andara, I didn’t even know what Reiki could do! From the first session, I felt more energy and awareness of what was happening in my body. The card reading provided deeper insights, and the crystal grid powered up the experience. My body felt attuned on a cellular energy level. Andrea is able to bring more healing to areas that needed it. Our Reiki session supercharged my week; I felt high energy and focus. Now I’m thinking I need Reiki every week! Mahalo, Andara, for your healing abilities, it is amazing!”

M. Elison

Waimea, HI

I have had the privilege to work with some amazing healers of reiki, shamanic, sound healers, Andara is by far one of my favorite I have worked with over the years.. I had my first appt. With her the other day and was just amazed at the energy this woman is holding around her and within her! The time she took with me to guide me and the beautiful crystal grid she composed for me was amazing. I had a profound healing with her as she guided me in visualization and her sound healing with her singing my body responded to immediately. I feel her style in which she has developed her modality is very unique and got to the core of some things I was trying to release. Definitely next level galactic healer ❤️ thank you so Much Andara!

Susie F.

Kailua Kona, HI

Andara has been a gift of light in my life. I received two session from her so far and plan to go back again! As I’ve been going through a lot of change in my life lately, each session was so powerful and different based on where my energetic needs were at the time. She has a real gift. She also creates a crystal healing grid special just for your session before you arrive. So intentional and beautiful. I always leave feeling so clear and light about who I am and where I am. So thankful. Highly recommend!

Aurora W.

Waikoloa, HI

I went in to my session with Andara feeling so heavy! Like a brick. Things didn't connect and things just didn't seem to fit. Andara is an enlightened healer and her intuition guided her perfectly. I left Andara's space feeling as light as a feather and I have gained so much clarity. The fog has been lifted. I feel like a better version of myself. I will be back!


Kailua Kona, HI


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