COVID-19 Coping

The last few months, anxiety and fear have really been present in my awareness, especially as the shadow of the collective continues to manifest more and more of itself in the light. These emotions have been manifesting within my body in different ways, but most prevalent as acid reflux. This automatically notifies me that I am not moving emotions through my energy centers, and it really brought me back to a basic practice I feel we can all benefit from in this NOW.

As we continue to experience this unprecedented life of self-quarantine and even odder term of “social distancing” our sense of safety, security, and routine have completely been thrown out the window. Many of us have had to shut down our small businesses, or we are having to work from home, rather than escaping to an office. Some are home working, some are home working and taking care of children. All of this is requiring additional attention, entertainment, home schooling, comforting, and feeding of ourselves and those that are dependent on us! Our lives either got simpler or more complicated, and one thing is for sure – nothing is the same.

The fact that our daily routines, ways of living and leading our lives have come to a complete halt is jarring. We didn’t choose this – none of us did, yet it is happening. Our minds are trying to find correlation, in what we are experience – cognitive dissonance – working overtime on reason and logic for what we are witnessing and experiencing at the micro and macro levels. Those with tools for coping with change in a positive manner may be having an easier time shifting gears into this new lifestyle, while others who have been living the “on the go” lifestyle may feel like they just hit a brick wall, face first with no advanced notice, not to mention every variation between these two extremes. Guess what – all of our realities are valid, so let’s not discount each other through this as we all experience things uniquely.

Feelings & Emotions in the Body

This brings up a lot of uncertainty and unease which then translates to feelings and emotions within the body. We may be going through the stages (or more appropriately the cycle) of grief for our lives and routines! We may be angry that our world leaders didn’t handle this differently, and we might just be frustrated by this sudden lack of safety and security that is permeating societies and cultures across the globe. This is an epic shift in our way of life, and for many it may be a wake up call, and for others a confirmation that the re-prioritization they’ve been doing has been on point. Wherever you are in your experience, your feelings and emotions are valid.

Not only are we suddenly uncertain of our lives, but we are uncertain of the world, of our leadership. Who do we believe and what do we believe? Many of us may be picking up on a bigger story unfolding, but we aren’t able to pinpoint what it is that is making us uncomfortable. I just want you to know that you are not alone, and many empaths are feeling all kinds of things right now. I encourage you to stay in your body, to be aware, to trust your intuition. In this time of great flux, keep your mind clear, eat high frequency and vibrational foods, and make sure to stay hydrated. Avoid falling into patterns of numbing by allowing yourself to disassociate, with things such as sugar, alcohol, drugs, medications, and other means of dulling your senses. Now is the time to allow for your hyper vigilance to be your super power.

Emotional Intelligence Reminder

Emotional intelligence teaches us that we are in control of how we respond to an outside stimulus. It teaches us how to experience a triggered emotion and feeling without actually becoming the emotion and feeling. We are able to witness our body’s response to a situation, and then decide how we proceed. But, what if we are masters at stuffing our emotions and feelings, and not really allowing them the recognition they deserve? Those emotions and feelings most likely will energetically bottleneck at some location in the body, creating aches, pains, acid reflux, headaches, and a variety of other symptoms you might normally feel in stressful situations.

What if we were to take the concept of emotional intelligence and combine it with with an energetic practice to run the emotions through our physical bodies via our energy centers or chakras? With this practice I am about to share with you, you’ll be able to witness yourself with compassion and love, as well as move these energies through your body so they’re not getting stuck anywhere creating discomfort and dis-ease.

A Meditation Practice

I am offering the following meditation as a gift to you in this time. This is a tool I have begun using as the energies and world has begun to shift. Many of us are being called to raise our vibration and be beacons of light in this world. May this assist you on your journey.

You can find the meditation on my Instagram account @andarastarseed within my IGTV videos, under Energy Tools – A 3 Part Series entitled “Processing Emotions Through the Body.” I’ve broken down my process, step-by-step, for you to use and connect in with your personal energy and move emotion through those energy centers by listening to you body.

I hope it helps you through this ever changing and evolving time.