I originally wrote this piece in early 2017, when we were all reeling from the election of the current POTUS. As we continue to see signs of the unraveling of things as we have always known it, I am being guided to re-share this here, now.  The energies are shifting on Mother Earth, and it is time for us to begin to recognize and honor the shifts within ourselves.


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Someone asked today, “what do the words feminist and feminism mean to you?”  I had to pause for a moment and sit in the question.  Up until the last year or so, I would not have considered myself a feminist.  I would have nervously laughed and said that I was most certainly NOT a feminist and that feminism was some leftover, abstract idea from the 60’s.


However, with the dawning of the Shadow of the Human Psyche which has come to fruition in the person represented as the “leader of the free world,” and his blatant unapologetic and unobstructed comfort level with saying the unconventional, misguided, excessively patriarchal things; as well as his actions toward the absolute destruction of the elements of life, our precious resource, Mother Earth, I have now explored what feminism and what being a feminist means to me.


All of what has transpired in the last year has caused me to turn inward and to question the rules I play by, the values I was raised with, the work environments I worked in, and the people I socialized with.  I’ve delved into new depths and embraced change and growth from within because I see our society, the whole of humanity and Mother Earth at a precipice of self-destruction or enlightenment.  In order to avoid the self-destruction, one of the key things I’ve realized that the humanity and Mother Earth need is for the spirit of women to join hands again, and to lead humanity up and out of this darkness.


The darkness goes deep, so deep we almost cannot remember the beginning.  The beginning of this phase of humanity starts when men suddenly had the idea that women were no longer sacred or sovereign.  When men realized that they could physically overtake us, stealing our sacredness and sovereignty in one fell swoop. Once man did this, other men realized the sense of power they felt by placing themselves above another human being, and so it began, that men began to build themselves based upon ego, literally and figuratively.  As this progressed, they may have sensed that the scales had been tipped.  Specifically, the divine scales, the yin and yang, the balance of life which they had tipped in favor of the divine masculine by taking our sovereignty and sacredness.  The heavy weighted the side of the divine masculine reduced the divine feminine merely by denying the feminine held weight.  With this feeling, maybe a twinge of shame or guilt festered in the backs of their minds, and they redirected that insecurity, the imbalance, directly toward women themselves.


For some reason, rather than repent, acknowledge, and hold themselves accountable, the men have spent the last 6,000 years (maybe more) working to cover their epic ego mistake by destroying women –  their image, history, sacredness, creativity, and divinity.  In my view of the divine feminine and masculine, this was the great tipping of scales, the dis-proportioning of the yin and yang that represents the balance of these powers.  Men have placed us, intentionally, in a patriarchal society.  They started digging this hole, and now they’ve dug so deep they can no longer see the sun rise and set, and they no longer see the cycles of the moon.  They have tunnel vision, and their primary goal is more.  Dissatisfaction and more is what our “Westernized” society is built upon.  Our society is built upon a fear of scarcity and panicked consumerism when in reality we live in a world of abundance.  We live in a world where we literally have enough for everyone, but if asked, we all have a fear of not enough.  We won’t even test the theory of abundance because we refuse to consider each other as equals to be able to share and eliminate class, race, gender, and ultimately – war.  We refuse to acknowledge and rise above this ego programming that we have made to be so strong, we think we are it – the ego.  It thinks that “I am,” and therefore, it is. When the truth that we have forgotten is the: I am that I am. We are all Divine.


In the rewriting of women in history, we have been deleted and depleted.  They attempted to eliminate our mark of power that exists within each one of us, and they made it evil.  Dare a woman speak with animals, collect herbs, arrange stones, receive wisdom through an inner knowing, or gather with her sisters and be deemed a witch and burned at the stake.  Eve, if we want to go to one of the greatest rewrites of time, for instance, was not created in equality to Adam.  She was created because Adam was bored and lonely, and so she was “given” to Adam as a possession.  Being a possession was not subordinate enough to the image of man, that she then too was the one in the garden, tempted by the Devil himself and ate the apple to gain knowledge.  Thus, men wrote that educated women are dangerous sinners.  Men created the concept of “original sin,” which now all of humanity, for those who believe this, are born forth from her womb, come shrouded in the darkness, the evil; the sin that is woman.


Feminism is the reclaiming of our sovereignty.  We are stepping out of the “his-story” that places us in a position of subordination, fear, shame, and guilt.  Those are not our burdens to bear – those are the mirror reflecting back the man who committed the first atrocity against woman.  What we see in others that does not sit well in us, that is our mirror; those are our flaws lain out plain as day.  This imbalance has been perpetuated so long that spiritually, women are being called by forces they can’t identify or name to RISE UP and to RISE UP together to reclaim our original stories.  The story that exists before the story tells of our humiliation.  Feminism is our attempt to reclaim our sense of “Self.” It is reclaiming our sovereignty back from man. It is that inner realization and the regathering of women to circles to reclaim our half of the scale and give it weight; it is for women to bring humanity and Mother Earth back into balance. It is also reprogramming the ego, and allowing the ego to take back its position as Guardian of the Body, retiring its role as the great counsellor of our minds.  While this repositioning occurs, we are then allowed return to our intuition, the inner knowing and wisdom, the true “I AM” of our higher selves and our divinity for guidance. Feminism is peaceful and loving.  It may force man into being faced with accountability, for man to finally bear the subordination, fear, shame and guilt he created by looking into the mirror of woman and seeing himself. But the ultimate beauty of the Divine Feminine is the pure unconditional love for all digressions, and the caring, loving heart that awaits him with the arms open.  Women will forgive themselves for allowing this transgression in the balance of divine energies to be manipulated for so long.  The ultimate goal of feminism is to overcome the imbalance, to provide sovereignty to both the divine masculine and feminine, and to live from a space of love where you belong here and so do I.