In July 2017, I walked into a crystal shop here in Kona, and I immediately “heard” certain crystals calling to me.  I had completely forgotten how, as a kid, I would always get the “Bag of Rocks” from the Gems & Minerals building at the San Diego County Fair.  Back then, I didn’t really know why I loved crystals and rocks, but I collected them, looked at them, and wondered about them.  Thirty years later, here I was being called to them again.


When I started to collect my crystals again, I wasn’t exactly sure why I was being called to do so, but they were beautiful, held a high vibrational frequency and energy, which I loved feeling.  I started to intuitively arrange the crystals in different formations, for what I thought was no apparent reason.  As this progressed, I started calling them “grids.”  Eventually, I started to create more elaborate grids between our yoga mats before we would do our yoga and meditation.  At one point, my husband, Michael, walked in and said, “wow, that one is powerful.”


My intuitive business coach then suggested that there might be more to my grids, and I should “tune in” to see what exactly they meant or if they had a message.  To my surprise, they did have a purpose and a message!  For the most part, the crystal grids open energetic fields for healing with my intention.  They anchor in that energy and activate the receiver (anyone who looks at them).  You don’t have to “feel” anything to get the benefits of being in the presence of one.  I can intuitively create crystal grids for any positive intention desired, and I realized, that every formation I create, even when I am just cleansing and clearing my crystals, has an impact and intention.


As time went on, I started to grid different situations for people.  If someone had a difficult conversation coming up, I would channel a grid for that conversation to hold sacred space in which both parties would be heard without judgement. If someone was having an important meeting with someone else, I created a grid for that meeting to go smoothly and benefit both parties. I even created a crystal grid for a distressed house across the street from us, asking for abundance and love to return to it so it would energetically match the rest of the neighborhood.  It was purchased and renovated shortly thereafter.


Once I started practicing Reiki Energy Healing, I knew my crystal grids had to be a part of the work.  I tried doing Reiki without a grid, and I did Reiki with a grid.  Both myself and my clients felt a difference between having a grid and not having a grid.  As such, I now offer grids with all of my Reiki services.  If you choose a regular Reiki session, you get the “grid of the day.”  If you chose the Andara Services – Activate & Recieve, you get a custom crystal grid and photo of the grid to continue to benefit from after the session.  Doing intuitive card readings also felt as though they required a grid to accompany the card pulls, so all card readings also are gridded.  Essentially, I realized I was born to work with crystals!


Since this discovery, I have run across a couple of different books that randomly mention the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Honestly, I had only heard of Atlantis, and I didn’t really know much about it.  However, once I discovered the stories about these two lost civilizations, I can’t help but wonder if I lived a past life in either.  Lemuria was located approximately where the Hawaiian Island chain is located.  Is it synchronicity that I was called to live here on the Big Island of Hawaii? Probably! As one book I read mentioned, Lemurians used to charge large monolith rocks with healing energy that anyone could come to use just by placing their hands upon the stones.  It was also said that when Lemuria sunk, these large monoliths were located where the Big Island of Hawaii is, and though the stones are buried deep beneath layers of lava, the healing energy of the island may be directly linked to those monolith stones forever captured within the new earth.


Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean, and was the next advanced civilization to rise after the fall of Lemuria.  Atlantians used crystals to create energetic grids that maintained the balance and harmony of Earth.  However, darker energies were also trying to use crystal technology to create dark matter.  In this case, the ones that were using the crystals for the light opted to destroy Atlantis before the darker uses managed to destroy Earth itself.


Both of these ancient civilizations used crystals and stones, and I believe that there are those of us who have returned to bring this light to Earth now to help heal both humanity and Earth herself.  Not everyone is called to be a grid worker or a grid keeper, but many people are drawn to the beauty and energy of crystals.  They are healers in and of themselves.  Learning to meditate with them, or keeping them in your office or home allows you to shift the energy around you – both protecting and uplifting you.


Crystal grids are configurations of crystals intuitively placed with positive intention for all those who are meant to receive their activation.  They create both healing energies as well as anchor energies for the benefit of Earth and humanity.  Are you curious to know more? Would you like to experience a grid in person?  Send me an email through our contact page; I would love to connect with you!