My first oracle deck was the Goddess Isis Oracle Deck, and I just randomly stumbled across it on  I sat there looking at it, wondering why I would need an oracle deck, but the artwork was stunning!  I put the deck in my “wish list” and let it sit there for a bit.  I kept coming back to look at it though, and for some reason, I was compelled to buy it.


When it arrived, I have to say it was quite intimidating.  The Goddess Isis was an Egyptian Goddess – she brought people back to life, conquered evil in all forms, and performed a bunch of other amazing goddess-like feats!  Who was I to work with her? Of course, I had to start researching who she was and what she did.  She happened to come into my life when I was needing a strong feminine presence the most – as an engineer, I spent an excessive amount of time in the realm of the Divine Masculine, and I really had no idea how to tap back into my Divine Feminine energy.  I was the classic example of the imbalance we’re experiencing as humanity.  Goddess Isis was a perfect match for my journey back to rediscovering my Divine Feminine and the work I am doing now to bring myself back into balance.


When I do intuitive card readings, I do not focus on the past or the future.  The future cannot be predicted because YOU have FREE WILL and choice, so our futures are always shifting and adjusting to what we are choosing in the present.  What I focus on when I do card readings is the present energy – what is it that is surrounding you at this specific moment in time?  I read the energy of NOW.  Sometimes that will help you to answer something  you wanted an answer to, and other times it will help you with something that is strong within your energy field, but it won’t always be what you’re focused on for the reading.  The one truth though – the energy never lies.


I absolutely felt like card readings were a form of hocus pocus, but now after doing them on myself, and on others, tapping into our energy and receiving guidance can really put things in a different perspective.  The energy is pure and honest, so if you’re looking for honest guidance from your own energetic field on things happening in your life right now, an intuitive card reading is for you. It will allow you to make a decision and a choice that will impact your future in a way that you WANT, thus shaping the future you desire.


I am offering a FREE 30-minute card reading when you subscribe to my mailing list through the Contact page of this website. I also have a variety of offerings, and I now have several different oracle decks that I use.  I will usually tune in to your energy field and ask which deck is best for the reading.  Readings can be done in person or via Zoom Meeting because I like to share the cards with you live.  If you’re interested in learning more about my intuitive card offerings, check out my Services page, and sign up for the Free 30-minute reading! After the free reading, I can share more with you on the other offerings.