I have been trained in Usui Reiki Energy Healing in this lifetime.  This methodology was channeled by a Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian Minister in the late 1800’s.  Reiki is the combination of two Japanese words –  Rei  and Ki, where Rei is the wisdom of our Higher Self or Over Soul, and Ki is Universal Life Force Energy, which exists in everyone and everything. Combining these two words into Reiki, we can loosely translate it to mean Higher Self guided Universal Life Force Energy.


To perform Reiki, one is typically attuned to levels 1 & 2, and eventually Master.  The attunement process consists of the implantation of the sacred symbols of Reiki into a person’s aura. These symbols clear any blocks that would prevent the Reiki student from channeling the Universal Life Force Energy.  Even without the attunements, people may find that their hands heat up when someone around them needs healing energy, and this usually indicates the person has a natural gift wishing to be expressed.


Reiki is a hands on, or hands over form of healing.  Both the healer (for purposes of this discussion, the person administering the Reiki) and the receiver (for the purposes of this discussion, the person receiving the Reiki) essentially go into a meditative trance – the healer channeling the energy while the receiver receives the energy.  While the energy itself is subtle, the energy shifts can be very powerful. Essentially, the healer connects their Higher Self with the Higher Self of the receiver, and the Higher Self of the receiver directs the energy where it is needed most. This can be within the physical body as well as the etheric bodies.  When I discuss the etheric bodies, I am focused on the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, though there are others. These etheric bodies reside within our auric field just outside of our physical body.


Immediately after a Reiki session, people often feel like they have had a deep meditative experience, so it is important to take time to ground back into your physical body.  Within 15-20 minutes, as you begin to integrate and process the changes, the receiver will feel more energized, have a clearer mind, physical ailments may be eased or completely gone, and as the integration process continues more subtle improvements may be experienced, such as the disconnection of emotional energies or removal of emotional blocks.  I liken the physical experience to that of a massage, minus any aching muscles, in that you just need to go slowly and honor your body for the next few days – drink plenty of water and rest when you feel you need to.


Reiki energy healing is a holistic approach to clearing unwanted energy, blocks, negative attachments, easing ascension energies and integrations, and opening your channel of communication with your Higher Self, ultimately connecting you to your purpose.  I recommend Reiki be incorporated as part of your self-care routine because it is work within the energetics of our physical and etheric bodies, and we are constantly bombarded in our day to day activities making maintaining the blissful state of post-Reiki sessions difficult long-term.  Similar to massage, exposing ourselves to the energetics around us is like working out muscles at the gym and requiring another massage.


While Reiki sessions are unique to the receiver and how open they are to receiving the Universal Life Force Energy, most people can expect the following when they receive a Reiki session from me:


  • Increased personal authority from a space of unconditional love.
  • Increased energy and mental focus/clarity.
  • Release of emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks to people, places, and things.
  • Increased connection to personal wisdom and Higher Self.
  • Improvement in physical conditions such as aches and pains.


Reiki Energy healing may also be done on your pets and to your home/property.  I have had success treating both our cats and dogs with Reiki to help with general discomfort as well as addressing behavioral issues. Similar to blessing a house, Reiki energy can be applied to your home or property to help clear any negative energies that may be impacting you, your family, and your pets. Remote Reiki sessions are also available. Please inquire for more details.