We are entering into an energetically different timeline.  You may have noticed that it feels and appears that time is going by faster than it ever has.  It is because we are shifting and evolving, and our concept of time no longer is congruent with the changes we are experiencing as a species, as a Planet, as a Universe.


Beyond the human form of time; however, time does exist.  It exists in ways we cannot describe using our “scientific” methods. It is not linear like our watches would have us believe.  It ebbs and flows with us, depending on if we’re in a personal phase of expansion or contraction. It constricts and it expands depending on how we are experiencing it from moment to moment.  In other words, time is dynamic. However, one thing holds true, and that is that all time is NOW. In this moment, right NOW. The past, the present, and the future are encapsulated in the NOW.


The past, the present, and the future are encapsulated in the NOW.


Why is this important? Because we’re at a place in our evolution where timelines are collapsing, whether we are ready for it  or not – refer back to your linear time and how it feels – everything is happening faster. Because things are moving faster as we’re in this point of expansion in who we are and what we are becoming as a planet, one ecosystem united, we are able to manifest our wishes, dreams, and desires at an alarming rate.


Why do I use the word “alarming?”  Because it is here NOW, and we have not realized it! As master manifestors of our hopes, dreams, and all other things we call into our lives with words, we haven’t realized that specific words we’re using are a powerful magik.  Magik with a “k.” It’s less scary that magic with a “c.” It originates within us, not outside of us.


One of the most powerful manifesting statements in our realm, in the English language, is “I AM . . .” Whether you are talking about your age (no other language says I am X years old.  They say I have X years. They have the age, but they themselves are not embodying that age.) When we say “I AM . . . insert emotion or feeling here” . . . you are bringing that into your body.  Okay, I don’t want this point to get lost because this is super important. I said, if you say I AM a certain emotion or feeling, that means YOU ARE that emotion or feeling. Is that the truth? Are you going to physically own and maintain what it is to be that emotion or feeling?  Hell no, especially if it’s a shitty emotion or feeling, right?! When was the last time you said “I AM angry, sad, upset, frustrated . . . insert negative emotion or feeling here?” How long did it take for you to really FEEL that inside of your body? Probably not long at all.


One of the most powerful manifesting statements in our realm, in the English language, is “I AM . . .”


I really find, in my own life, I have a tendency to express negative emotion and feelings at the peak of an emotional storm from the “I AM . . .” perspective.  However, more importantly, I was noticing that I was beginning to embody those feelings into the my core of my being. It took me three days of rolling around this uncomfortable feeling inside me, that was also expressing itself through my body, to realize this.  The “I AM” energy was in my energetic body – the etheric and auric bodies just outside of our physical body, and it was physically impacting me in the organs and systems that are associated with the Root Chakra, or our base, foundational, roots-in-the-ground energy center at the tailbone.  It doesn’t take long to figure out which systems have an exit point at the base of the spine, right? So, you can see that I had a definitive physiological response to embodying what I was “I AM-ing” out there in my emotional expression.


Stay calm. If you’ve just realized you’re doing this too. It’ll be alright.  You will be able to shift it. First and foremost, however, is becoming aware of how you’re speaking out loud and inside your head.  Because the “I AM” statements inside of our head can be even shittier to embody than an emotion or feeling we are verbally expressing. It can be stuff like “I AM not enough,” “I AM stupid,” “I AM unloved or unlovable” . . . list goes on, right?! Bringing this into your awareness, into the conscious mind, can help you make changes and learn new vocabulary for your unconscious mind.  This is super important. Manifesting at record pace, right? I want to be saying things like “I AM abundant in love,” not “I AM unlovable.”


How can we learn to use our language differently?


How can we learn to use our language differently? What ways can we learn to shift our language to express emotion? First we can stop ourselves, and ask – what is it that’s really happening here? Do I need to be reacting at this level to this situation?  Is this the highest and best use of my energy right now? Then say, “I feel x, y, z emotion or feeling.” I triple dog dare you NOT to put an “am” before feel(ing). Don’t do it! Just freaking say how you feel. “I feel angry.” Boom. How different is that? Can you sort of step back and look at angry and go, “Oh, hey Angry. I see you showed up to this emotional party.  Great to see you. I appreciate you being here to acknowledge how I FEEL and the injustice that you’re representing. Oh, you know what, I feel a lot calmer now. Man, I really appreciate that release you allowed me. Thanks Angry, I’ll see you later.” Did you see that? I just let the angry go!!! Whereas, when you embody angry with the “I AM” it, you become the RAGE and FURY that is anger. You and it are no longer separate, and now it is in control of your body. YES!  You have just given control of your body to an emotion.


Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in. If you let an emotion take over your body, and in this case we’re talking negative emotions because for real, we can be 1×10^infinity positive emotions, embody that amazing shit straight up, but negative emotions will wreak havoc on your body.  How’s your blood pressure? How’s your cholesterol? How’s your response to stress? How do your fingernails look? When was the last time you chewed on them? How often do you get sick?


How’s your embodiment of negative emotions?  


Oh, oh!  I can hear the gears turning and the correlations setting in.  What if I told you Louise Hay wrote a book titled “You can Heal Your Life,” and in it she has actually charted how our dis-ease is a manifestation of an embodied negative emotion or feeling.  It’s true, the book exists, click the hyperlink. You can thank me later.


Getting back on track here, how can you reverse what you realize you have been manifesting into your life?  Simply this: use “I AM” statements to manifest more of who you want to be, what you want to experience, and use I FEEL for those emotions and feelings you need to borrow, but not own or embody. Use I AM to create more of what you want to show up in your life.  Take a good hard look at what is currently in your life, how your body is, and then evaluate your words. Then I encourage you to really take some time, do a deep dive into your mind, and start to listen to and evaluate your inner voice (sometimes referred to as “the inner critic” or “the ego and pain body”). What is it saying to you? Is it positive?  If not positive, why not? Are you able to stop it before it starts? What kind of “I AM” statements is it using? Paying attention to and shifting its daily diatribe to you may just be life changing. Bring these things into your awareness and start to shift how you speak it into being.


Shift how you speak your life experience into being.


That’s how you reverse your manifestations.  Invite in what you want to manifest with I AM.  Borrow what you don’t want to manifest with I FEEL.


Your welcome.

I love you.