When I was in engineering, I spent a lot of my time and energy at work spinning out of control.  It felt like I was in this constant state of panic and procrastination because I was living unintentionally and without direction.  What do I mean by that?  Another way to put it was that it felt as though life was happening TO ME rather than FOR ME.  I was failing to realize that I had the power to consciously create my life, every single day.


If this sounds familiar to you, and you find yourself reacting poorly to circumstances or things that are out of your control, setting daily intentions may put you back on track to managing your creative energy for YOUR BENEFIT.  When you’re happy within you, that is projected outward to those around you.


So what is an intention?  It is you taking control of your life by deciding how you want to show up, how you want to be, and what you want to create or receive in your experiences throughout the day.


I have personally switched from goal setting to intention setting. I may start with “What do I want the end result to be?,” and from that question develop a vision.  From the vision, I want to set intentions that will allow me to manage my energy each day on my way to that vision.  If I set an intention, I am offering up to the Universe, “Hey, Universe! Here I am!!! I’d like to create this, and today, I am going to set the intention to allow myself to receive the next step from you!”  It is an offering you are making in respect for the Purpose you are here on Earth to execute.  Reducing resistance and re-programming yourself to receive from the Universe allows you to be fully present and experience the journey.


“Set intention, take inspired action, and let go of the expectation of the end result.” -Deepak Chopra


Examples of intentions:

  • Today I open myself to receive opportunities to do things that make me excited!
  • I am creating ease and flow around this deadline so that we can enjoy completing this phase of the project.
  • I would like to create the energetic impression of fulfillment, excitement, and joy around everything I do throughout the day.
  • I would like to create experiences that are happy and joyful today.
  • I would like to receive people, places, or things that spark inspiration and joy in me.


Within an hour of getting up (only because we have a small petting zoo of animals to take care of), I like to sit quietly for 5-10 minutes, and write my intentions, reflect upon any bits of dreams I may have had, and note any realizations from the prior day.  This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your subconscious mind starts to filter out everything that doesn’t match vibrationally with your intention.


It is important that when setting your intentions you REALLY make sure they are tuned in with what you are ultimately wanting to create in your life.  If you’re still focused on and talking about everything you DO NOT want to create in your life, you will be sending mixed messages to the Universe and your subconscious mind.


Get clear on your vision, revise and edit it often to fine tune, and set your intentions.  Sit back, be inspired, and enjoy the journey.