I always say, I love that I am able to do healing work, especially after being in a field so contrary to who I AM for so long. It is refreshing.  What I love most about every session is that on an energetic level, we each receive from each other.  We are all energetic beings, and we all come with our own, unique “activation.”


What do I mean by activation? Energetically and soul-level speaking, we all came in with a imprint on our soul that communicates through our bodies with other people’s bodies.  Our bodies are really giant antennae!  Both men and women can and do experience constant energetic bombardment from our environments, and our bodies are constantly busy transmitting, receiving, filtering, processing, and analyzing this information.


One of the most profound things I first experienced when I was working with my crystals, and I think it was even before I had started to go through the process of my Reiki teachings, was my body giving me a message during meditation.  Each energy center I placed my hand on had a very specific thing it wanted to say.  At first I didn’t believe it, but after sharing with my spiritual mentor, I was reassured that this is in fact A THING!  We are meant to know and communicate with these super advanced, highly sensitive machines we take for granted – our BODIES!




So, after having done energy work for almost a year, my feet started to hurt.  I haven’t had my feet hurt this bad since my mom and I went to Europe and walked 12 miles a day.  It was bad enough, that it really caught my attention.  Sometimes it would switch feet too.  Tuning in to my feet, I was able to listen to what my body was needing – carrots and oregano oil.  Yeah, my feet are pretty darn funny.

How do you tune into your body?  It helps if you have experience meditating, but if you don’t that is ok too.  You’ll want to sit or lie quietly, close your eyes, and become aware of your breath.  Feel your breath come in through your nostrils, and follow it all the way down into your toes, beginning to see in your mind’s eye, the circulation of air through your entire body, including through your skull and brain before exiting back out through your nose.  Allow yourself to relax into this.  Begin to notice where you have tightness or pain.  Just ask “Is the tightness in my [insert body part here] something I can relieve by stretching?”  You will get an immediate yes or no, maybe even before you finish asking the question.  If it’s a yes, then you know that stretching or some yoga is on your list to do after this exercise.


Say you have a spot that’s really painful, like my feet were.  Adjust yourself so you can place one or both hands on the area that hurts.  Imagine through your hand(s) the purest most beautiful white, loving light being transmitted to the pain spot.  As you send this loving energy, ask the spot, “What is your message of love for me right now?” Listen closely, whatever comes through will sound like your imagination, and your ego might pop in an start ranting about how crazy this is.  Know that voice that came through first gave you the answer you were seeking.  Once you’ve had your dialogue with the pain spot about why it is hurting, ask what color light it would like to receive and begin sending that color through your hands to the spot.  Next ask the spot, “What can I do to relieve this pain or dis-ease within?” Listen closely again, and pay attention to that faint whispering, imaginary-ish voice. What does it have to tell you?  Take note!  Thank the spot again, and ask which color of light it would like to receive, and send that color light through your hands.  At this point, if you feel complete with the spot, you may stop.  If it doesn’t feel complete, you can repeat these questions or if you’re guided, ask a different question.  Once complete, thank yourself and your body for communicating.


Several interesting books exist out in the world too that link body pain to emotional suppression or repression.  You can even gGoogle “metaphysical meaning of [insert body part] pain” and see what comes up.  One book I reference often is Louise Hay’s You can Heal Your Life.


Several other books are out there that I’ve heard good things about too, such as:

The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal

Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose


I listened to my feet, and I made an oil rub for them with oregano oil.  I love my foot rub so much, I’ve been selling it and sharing it with friends; they are loving it too!  The other thing I realized is I was feeling stuck, and that I needed to move forward to expand.  I ended up moving office spaces to allow for that expansion.  Everything is Divine, and all happens in Divine timing.


What did your body tell you? How did you honor your body and what it had to say? I am curious to hear!  Leave a comment below.





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