Not all hemp oil is created equally.  It’s a slowly growing industry that was held back until the passing of the 2016 Farm Bill, which was just signed into existence in 2018!  In the next 3 to 5 years, the hemp industry is expected to EXPLODE from $3M to $22B or more! (Most experts are saying $22B by 2022 for all hemp industry products.)


Money aside, our health and our vibrational frequency is about to seriously up-level world wide!  To me, improving health at the fraction of the cost of standard pharmaceuticals is well worth the investment.  I am guessing all the drug companies will be teaming with the #plantmedicine industry to try to cover their losses . . .


Where does hemp oil work in our bodies?  Hemp oil and essential oils are using the same receptors within the body – the endocannibanoid system.  This system was only discovered in 1964, and we haven’t heard much about it since because hemp products, and more specifically, the oils, have been banned thus making funding for scientific study and medical research very limited.


“Endo” refers to inside the body.  So, our bodies are already making cannibanoids as part of the systems that keeps everything at stasis (neutral or balanced).   The system is made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors, and the system itself doesn’t have clearly defined boundaries, like the nervous system or the endocrine system. Regardless of gender, phyto-cannibanoids (plant-based, such as hemp oil) can supplement our body’s internal factory and help bring imbalances back into balance.


I just want to note that plant medicine, in general, is gentler, more subtle,  than chemical pharmaceuticals, and it really requires a commitment to see results.  Those who need to be brought back to balance will see results much more readily than those who may already be near stasis.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different as well, and so I recommend committing to trying the product for at least 6 months.


The other thing that will become more and more confusing as this appears to be falling within the supplement industry is how the oils are dosed.  You have a variety of different options – from lower doses to higher doses and prices from $15/bottle to $500/botttle (at 4,500mg dose in a 30ml bottle).


So where do you begin and how do you understand what’s best? This is where understanding bioavailablity and mass transfer really help.  Luckily, I spent way too much time in advanced chemistry classes and microbiology in college pursuing my environmental engineering degree.  Finally, I can put this seemingly useless information to use in real life!


Bioavailabilty refers to how available something is and how quickly it is absorbed into the body.  If the compound is not something the body is used to seeing, and it is not recognized as it comes in, most of what it is will not be absorbed, and sometimes if the body REALLY doesn’t know what to do with it (i.e. heavy metals) it’ll stick them in our fat stores for later purging.  We know that our bodies already create endocannibanoids, so we’re not going to be classified by the body as “I don’t recongize you.”  But since our bodies are generating a certain amount of endocannibanoids, they immediately make it to those CB1 and CB2 receptors as they’re  already in our blood stream.  Ah ha!  The blood stream is key!  Two ways exist to get 100% absorption – direct injection (i.e. needles) or vaping (e-cig cartridges).  To me, neither of those options are desirable.


Well, science has already discovered ways of getting things into the body that the body normally wouldn’t take in.  Our biggest barrier is our skin.  To get molecules to travel through our skin, they need to have certain properties.  The same goes for the outer wall of our cells.  You have to have the access code!  In this case, liposomes are used to encapsulate the hemp oil.  Liposomes are foods for cells! Thus, encapsulated hemp oil interacting with a cell wall will be allowed to pass through, allowing direct access to the blood stream. Bingo!  Liposomal encapsulated hemp oil is 95% bioavailable.  With the liposomal fluid, as soon as you place the oil under your tongue, it is traveling to your blood stream.  You can feel the effects of the oil within 10-20 minutes of taking it.


Math time!


RECEPT has a 500mg dosage in a 50ml bottle. If it is 95% bioavailable, that means 475mg of the beneficial elements of the oil are being absorbed by the body.  The retail pricing of the RECEPT oil will be around $120/bottle, for 475mg absorbed!


Most hemp oils are not encapsulated in a liposomal fluid, instead they are suspended and mixed into a carrier oil.  What’s a carrier oil? Oh, the same thing you’re using to mix your essential oil rubs to place on your body – sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil . . . these are all carrier oils.  So, when you ingest these oils, your body is having to work extra hard to get the beneficial properties into the blood stream, separating the cannibanoid oils from the carrier oils.  By the time all this work is done, your body is only absorping 5-10% of the actual cannibanoids.  Do you see where this can end up being a waste of money?


Math time again!


Above I talked about a $500/ 30 ml bottle of 4,5oomg CBD oil.  Under the best circumstances, if we assume 10% is absorbed for each dose, that means you’re body is only receiving 450mg of the 4,500mg you are ingesting at $500/bottle.


To summarize:


RECEPT at 500mg dose (50ml), offers 475mg absorbed per dose for $120/bottle

Miscellaneous CBD at 4,500mg dose (30ml), offers 450mg absorbed (best case) per dose for $500/bottle


To me, RECEPT is a no brainer of value and quality per dose.


As the industry starts to bloom, so will the medical research.  Our RECEPT oil already has CBG and terpenes in it to create a “broad spectrum” effect.  Initial studies looking at CBG – Cannabigerol are finding it is the compound that creates CBD and THC within the plant, thus it is like the “stem cell” of the hemp plants.  As such, it is being shown to stimulate neurogenisis (brain cell growth), showing anti-microbial and anti-tumor properties, and it helps with insomnia.

What are the terpenes and what do they have to offer?  Terpenes are the aromatic aspect (essential oil) of the hemp plants. The hemp plant has over 100 different terpenes! This is how they plants can get their unique and different smells.  Here’s an example of what terpenes offer in table format from Cannibas Insider.


We have been using the nano enhanced hemp oil for 2 months. What drew me to this company was the time and effort spent in quality assurance (especially as it relates to THC monitoring), the quality of hemp they were using to extract the CBD, and the delivery system.  This “nano-enhanced” version is now technically, the “older model” oil, and only contains CBD.  A new oil – RECEPT- is shipping to affiliates only right now, that is termed “broad spectrum” and includes CBD, CBG, and terpenes!  RECEPT is nano-sonicated (shaken at a really high rate to mix and encapsulate the oils). The people who were able to do their in-person pick ups are raving about it already!  Because of the CBD, CBG, and terpenes, they are saying that they require less product and are having longer lasting results!


I am very excited to offer this product as it becomes available. Currently, you will need to pre-order through me by emailing me at  For our other amazing  hemp oil products, including Prime My Pet, please visit my Affiliate Link and reach out if you have any questions.