This week in Oracle Cards, we pulled The Mother of Life – Nourishment of the Golden Grain Mother (Isis Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild).  I have to say when I saw another “mother” card appear, I had to check the table of contents of the card deck. I was questioning the energy – how many mother cards are in this deck!?!  The answer – not many, so it is no coincidence that we are continuing in the “mother energy” as we’re in Spring (the Enchantress Archetype for the Divine Feminine), and we’re setting our intentions and planting seeds for the life we wish to create.


We’re setting our intentions and planting seeds for the life we wish to create.


The oracle is giving us permission to breathe new life into our creative ideas. Anything we’ve left unattended, abandoned because “what if” and “not good enough” . . . it is now time to resurrect those ideas and passions into being – one small step at a time.  What seeds are you wanting to plant for yourself moving forward?  Allow yourself to dream uncomfortably BIG.  Yes, I said “uncomfortably BIG.”


This may not be an easy task for some of us.  Others may want to refine the desires and dreams they’ve planted . . . what better way to do this than with a meditation.  I am sharing with you today two labyrinths – the first is a heart.  The intention of the heart labyrinth is to allow yourself to settle into your heart space, and connect with your desires – the biggest most seemingly ridiculous ones you can come up with, and to allow yourself to expand your energy to hold those dreams.  Feel the stretch of your body, of your energetic bodies, your magnetic field.  The easiest way to do the meditation is to print a copy, and trace the path to the center with your finger, or a pen. You may even want to write words along the path – do whatever feels right to you.


Once you’re in a heart-centered space, you can work with the Ankh labyrinth.  This one leads you on an journey – you can write within the pathway, you can trace a line, you can doodle, and once you get to the center – to the key hole of the Ankh, write your dreams and intentions there.  Plant the seeds of your desires, the biggest ones you can think of, and watch life align with your new vibrational frequency.


Remember, the power of manifestation lies in becoming clear with your desires, setting the intention, allowing inspired action to lead you on the journey, and releasing the expectation of a specific end result.  Enjoy the journey as your subconscious mind and the Universe connect to bring inspiration into your field that aligns with your desires.


Enjoy the journey.


I hope you find connection to your dreams through these. Please leave me a comment if you do!



With a huge open heart of dreams . . .




PDF versions of the two labyrinths are below.

Heart Labyrinth

The Ankh