Do you really want to change?


Have you looked at your life lately and felt defeated or stuck? Everyday you do exactly the same things, feel exactly the same way, and play out patterns on repeat like a stuck tape deck circa 1990?


Most of us think we WANT to change, but when it REALLY comes down to making lifestyle changes that require long-term commitment and reprogramming . . . well, people are less likely to stick with it.


Maybe. I was just sitting here this morning thinking about some things – specifically how I continue to change and evolve from week to week. I am not the person that I was last week because I continue to challenge myself to choose differently. It occurred to me that not everyone is doing the same. Why is that?


Even in thinking back over the years since I started to get on board with the change that was wanting to happen through me. Did I fight it? Oh yes. Did I avoid it? Yep, totally. Did I start and stop? All the damn time.  


At some point though, I was always shown something by the Universe. Something that was like, “Hey, wake up AP. If you’re going to change then we really need you to commit to the work that change requires.”  That’s when I realized this wasn’t a game, and I got serious. I wanted a different life and to experience a harmonious existence. I had spent enough time slaving for a career I didn’t love that didn’t love me back.  I called it life-sucking. “Enough life-sucking!,” I yelled one day as I finally had it.


I started to embrace change, to roll with it, and as I did I saw life open up to me.  At the same time, even though I was not fully sure of this change myself, I started to inspire other people to change.


But then I noticed something else . . .


Some people who started to change with me, stopped.  It was like we were on high speed rail, blasting through the countryside of change at 100mph, and suddenly they just jumped off, tumbling back to where they were.  At first, I took it personally – like gosh, I am not inspirational enough to keep people on board with me. In reflecting back this morning, though, it suddenly became clear to me that you really have to COMMIT to change. It’s one thing to choose something and then to only sort of follow through with it.  It is an entirely different thing to hang on and expand with the opportunity of change.


What will it take for you to say YES to shifting the energy to invite in change?


First, if life and the Universe are allowing you to actually come to this realization without any massive portents, lucky you! One of the most glorious aspects of being human is having agreed to forget everything we knew before arriving in this NOW.  We get the experience of relearning in this body, this family, this life, and all of this experience and opportunity.


Do you believe that your Soul created the blueprint of your life before you arrived?


I do. Every experience was purposefully created through this life, our past lives, and if we decide to return, then in our future lives as well.  The crazy part is ALL of our lives are happening NOW. Beyond the human construct of time, time does not exist, at all. It is all just layers upon infinite layers.  As sovereign beings, we have the choice as to what layer, timeline, or dimension we play on. How do you switch timelines or dimensions? You choose differently!


What does choosing differently mean to you?


Making a new or different choice can leave us intrepid yet scared. We want to do it, and we can see the potential it brings. We may even chose to do it, experience the potential, blow our own minds and then abruptly snap back into the old patterning.  The patterning that kept us small, stunted, left behind, or stuck in a rut.




Choosing differently is Expansion. In this world, this society, we are not encouraged to feel into expansion. When we are bombarded constantly with all the things we are not, all the ways we don’t fit in, all the ways our uniqueness keeps us separate (really it is the sameness that keeps us separate), we retract back in to what is comfortable.  Yet, our inner light wants to express in an ever expansive and expanding state.


What does the expansive state encompass?  It encompasses play, bliss, pleasure, and experiencing the deliciousness of life in every moment. It is allowing yourself to give yourself joy. Yes, give yourself permission to experience JOY!  Not only that, but since we’re relearning through the experience of being in-body (embodied), we’re given all these sensory things to take in – sights, sounds, tastes, touches, and smells. Do we remember these things in our lists of gratitude that we make at the end of each day?  We are being encouraged to!


This is why choice is so powerful.  Choice can make or break you. Choice requires you to take a firm position in what you want for YOU.  Then, you need to brace yourself for the life that is about to unfold before you. You’re going to need surround yourself with people who will support you. You’re going to need serious self-love and self-care practices.  You’re going to have to be ready to battle the programs (demons) of the mind (ego), in order to follow your heart. You’re going to have to be ready to LET GO.


Are you ready to let go?  


You may have to let go of the old You, places, things, jobs, careers, family members, friends, coworkers, toxicity, food, beverages, ways of being, ways of believing . . . really the list of letting go can be real and really long.  What does this letting go provide? Expansive room to allow new, lighter things in. It allows you to choose more joy and attract the people, places, things, experiences that bring it.


What will it take for you to say YES to shifting the energy to invite in change? If you’re inspired let me know below.