Kundalini Queeny


One 10ml roller bottle.


Consciousness was birthed in the first sound.The sound of the Universe; the Om. It is seated within our Root Chakra.  Next, the separation of one into two happened, the first motion, which created the vesica piscis. This is the energy at our root, the vibration of our bodies. It is the Divine energy that ignites the fires of our creative passions, energizing ALL of our energy centers.  In spite of its seeming duality, it connects us to the oneness of the web of the Universe through our crown, and it grounds us to Gaia, our living and non-living reality. Allow this energy to spiral up, down, and through you. Allow it to move you.

A sensual blend of neroli, chai spice, rose otto, tangerine, and black pepper essential oils infuse the full moon water. This blend is certain to inspire your greatest creative force and birth it into the world


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