For 2019, my primary theme or “word of the year” is embodiment.  By embodiment, I mean living with my soul fully inside of my body.  You might laugh and say, Andara, aren’t our souls already in our bodies?  Well, partly yes, and partly no.  I find I am embodied in certain moments, and in other moments, I am very disconnected and disembodied.  I learned to tell the difference by my level of commitment and attention to the actions I was taking.


In my experience, I was behaving disembodied doing things I didn’t want to be doing, or if I had not set the intention to really engage and be present in what I was doing before starting.  I see this happen a lot in my tennis games, and I truly think it is one of the primary reasons for my inconsistency of play.  If I am not focused and very intentional on my way to the courts by focusing on what I plan to do and how I am going to experience the match, I can be completely lost and “in outter space” while on the court.


I’ve learned to manage this by chanting in the car before matches.  For some reason, good ‘ole Sanskrit mantras can really call your soul into your body.  But at this point is our soul REALLY in our body, or just energetically connected? I think our souls are very high light frequency, and they have a hard time just hanging out in the density of these 3D bodies.  I am to the point now, where when I meditate I can see where my Higher Self/Soul is in relation to my body.  If I work through my meditation to embody the energy that is showing itself to me, I experience a lot of somatic response from my nervous system adjusting to the higher frequencies trying to move through me.


Through this process at the end of 2018, I recognized that my body was not an energetic match for embodiment.  Thus, I began the quest to increase the vibrational frequency of my physical body.  How do you do that? You rebuild your body from the inside out with the highest quality foods and supplements you can.  I know you’re thinking, whoa, Andara, I am not just changing my whole lifestyle to embody more of my soul . . . and I am not saying you have to at all.  This is just my journey toward getting our bodies ready for the next phase of our spiritual journey.  And regardless of where you are or what your goals are, adding high nutrient, plant-based foods to your routine can only be beneficial in the long run.

We started out 2019 adding things in to our lifestyle, and removing other things from our lifestyle.  The things we added:

  • Athletic Greens – one scoop easily mixed in water and consumed prior to our coffee every morning.  Easy, delicious, and not difficult to implement at all.
  • Hemp Oil – 2 pumps in the morning, 2 pumps in the evening.  Add pumps as needed. Super easy with some seriously amazing results.
    • The results we have had from using the hemp oil:
      • 2 months without any over the counter pain medication
      • reduced aches and pains in the morning and at night
      • faster muscle recovery after rigorous tennis matches
      • improved sleep
      • improved concentration, clarity, and focus
      • increased creativity, intuition
      • increased joyful moments (even being silly with the dogs)
      • reduced impulse/boredom eating
      • reduced anxiety/stress (yes, we still have anxiety in Hawaii, hard to believe)
      • major relief from giving too many f*cks
      • improved people interactions at larger big box stores (ohh, Costco, how I love you)
  • Eating More Plants – we committed to trying to reduce the amount of meat we were eating to no more than 2x/week. Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to give up the meat, as I researched other sources of plant-based proteins. Neither of us has had any – “OMG, I need meat now or I am going to die!” moments.  Some weeks we do better than others, but it’s all about Intentional Living 
  • Using Essential Oils – I have been dabbling around with EO’s for about 2 years now, and I’ve only really used them in aromatherapy.  I recently started receiving body work from another healer that does the “Rain Drop Technique,” and the experience was profound.  EOs are concentrated plant essences.  They actually have measurable vibrational frequencies, and can assist with many different ailments.  I decided to get some reference books and start cooking up some of my own mixes.  I was really surprised at myself when I just started to get “downloads” of recipes and the idea to mix this oil and that oil.  I now have several different blends, and I can do custom orders.  Contact me if you’re interested in my pre-made mixes or if you would like a custom blend.


What we ended up giving up really didn’t impact us much.  We gave up:


  • Eating meat most days of the week (whether beef, chicken, or pork)
  • Reduced our alcohol intake to not more than 2 beers on weekend days


I’m actually having measurable results – my body fat is shrinking! Clothes fit better, I am moving better on the court.  My mind is sharper.  How is embodiment going?  Ahh, well, this is a journey, and the next step of that journey is clearing out some old, old energies, maybe not even my energy from my sacral chakra, but that is a whole other post.