Discernment Check


Discernment for what you are consuming through your eyes, ears, and mouth!


Having trouble with people coming into your life and siphoning your energy? Feeling like you’re under attack? Uncertain whether something is aligned with your Divine Aspect’s highest destiny timeline?

You don’t need to struggle with discernment. In 2021, I have been shown by my Divine Aspect, all the ways in which dark energy has been hijacking the spiritual awakening of the collective. Not everyone is meant to see, but everyone is impacted by it in one way or another.

Gain clarity and certainty on the people in your life – whether it is someone you would like to date, someone already in your life, or music, a book, an article . . . even those spiritual leaders in our community whom you listen to regularly and meditate with. This is a time to be crystal clear on what you are consuming – through your mouth, through your eyes, and through your ears.

Discernment checks include a thorough questioning of the thing with which you would like to review and any intuitive insight that may come through during the investigation. This will allow YOU to decide how you want to proceed.


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