Energetic Reset


In person or remote session available.  Text or email to schedule your session once paid. Total Duration: 60 minutes


If you’re feeling out of sorts like life is confusing, overwhelming, or frustrating, you may need an energetic reset. This is a 15 minute discussion with 30 minute energy session to align your energy centers, clear blocks, release things that are no longer serving you, and bring you energetically back into alignment.   This 3D world can be rough on our etheric and physical body.  Give yourself this session to feel rejuvenated and walk out with greater clarity and purpose.

What you receive:

  • In person session: guided meditation to set a sacred infinity symbol of energy to rejuvenate, repair, and reset the bodies
  • Remote session: access to a guided meditation of the above
  • Reiki-infused energy healing and field work
  • Renewed clarity, emotional stability, and sense of purpose


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