Ease the Aches Rubbing Oil


One 2 oz dropper bottle.


With a potent blend of copaiba, eucalyptus radiata, sweet marjoram, gurjum balsam, and sweet basil essential oils, your muscles are soothed and thanked for the work done with your loving touch.  A light uplifting scent gently fades with your muscle aches. These essential oils also aid us on our spiritual path allowing relaxation where we hold the greatest tension in our bodies, thus allowing energy to flow and move.  This enlivens us and allows us to adjust to the waves of crystalline light hitting the Earth during these potent energetic times. If you have a spot holding chronic tension, you may take a moment, as you’re focusing your loving touch on that area, ask, “what am I in resistance to by holding this trapped energy here?”  Listen quietly for the answer to whisper to you. Thank yourself and the energy for its response. Ask, “What color light would you like to receive for healing now?” Whatever color pops into your head in this moment, send that color to that spot. Thank yourself again. You are your own greatest healer.


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