Mindful Moments


One 10ml roller bottle.



An uplifting, yet potent blend of Clary Sage, Frankincense, Bergamont, and Jasmine essential oils bring a calming essence to your nervous system while grounding you into Earth and this NOW moment.  Essential oils are known to aid us on our spiritual path. They allow us to connect to elements of earth, air, water, fire, and ether through their scent journey. Rub onto the palm of your hands, and rub hands together to warm the oils prior to meditation or to bring yourself into the present moment. Inhale deeply, imagining the breath reaching all the way down to your toes, filling your entire body.  Breathe this deep, nourishing breath several times as you set activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your mind to journey with the scent of this NOW moment. Set an intention, settle into your practice, and remember – Your presence is the present.


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