Toss It in the F*ck It Bucket!


One 10ml roller bottle




An intense blend of Sweet Birch, White Angelica, Neroli, Black Spruce, and Hyssop essential oils bring an essence of sacrifice – to make sacred – to the present moment. What are you done trying to solve? What repeating story is ready to be released? Where do you need to give your ego/mind permission to let go? Now is the time! Hand the sacrifice – thought, idea, story, habit, belief, behavior, addiction, obsession – to the Universe by tossing it in the Fuck It Bucket! It’s time to allow the higher power of the Universe lead the way through the process. Follow the intuitive knowings, synchronicities, and random coincidences to your next level of freedom. Rub onto the palm of your hands, and rub hands together to warm the oils and inhale.  Begin to associate the scent with Divine Release. Give yourself permission to let it go; hand it over to Source.


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